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  • About RadioChats

    RadioChats is a social chat platform created for fun activities, It gives you the opportunity of making new friends and sharing good moments with other people.

    • Safety Tips
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    • Safety Tips

      1/ RadioChats, or it's staff, will never ask for your personal information.

      2/ Use an appropriate and creative nickname instead of your real name.

      3/ Never give your personal information to anyone.
      (Including cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.)

      4/ Never agree to meet someone from the internet. Remember that they are strangers, and some people may not have the best intentions.

      5/ Do not click links from people you do not know; it could be an attempt to steal your information.

      6/ If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, place them on ignore by clicking their name and clicking the Ignore button.
    • Privacy & Cookies Policy

      This policy will explain how we use the information collected about you and the procedures that we have put in place to safeguard your privacy. Your personal information will not be shared, rented or sold to any third party, individual, or organization. According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use state of the art security measures to protect your information from identity theft and unauthorized users.

      We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our website traffic. We only share information about your use of our chat system with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners.

      By submitting your information, you consent to the use of the information and agreement as set out in this Policy. You are entitled to review any personal information you have provided us and ensure that it is accurate and current at all times. The data we collect regarding your live interaction with our chat system and services is used to assign appropriate system resources to you.
    • Terms & Conditions

      This chat service is limited, and not intended for use by minors or any individuals under the age of 14 years.

      You will not post any unauthorized website links or commercial content considered as spam or advertising. (This includes any other chat sites)

      You will not try to impersonate, bully, harm, or harass other RadioChats users, or attempt to access user accounts that do not concern you.

      Being a subscriber is not a license to break the rules, you can still be banned from using RadioChats and won't be entitled to a refund if this should happen.

      You cannot use this service if you're a convicted sex offender or have been banned by law from such services. Confirmed accounts will be banned, and we will report your use and actions on RadioChats to the closest Federal Agency.
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  • Create a group chat

    Your own group chat could be made for any particular subject (e.g. music, anime, video games etc.), for visitors from all over or just for you and your friends. Group chats are fully customizeable and can be password protected from other members if you want to restrict it to only your friends to keep the rift raft from entering.


    Embed Your Chat

    Already own a group? You can use your group chat here, or embed it on your website.

  • Chat Powers

    With powers you can use sets of custom emojis, special name effects, and have the ability to add extra features to your group. Powers are obtained using coins, You can earn coins, or you can buy coins and get awarded with our premium membership. (ViP)


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ViP Subscribers

What Can Premium Membership Do?

  • Change Username

    Change your username to any name you want at any given time.

  • Send Voice Notes

    Send voice notes to other users in the main chat box or in private.

  • Upload & Share Files

    Share images, songs, videos or zipped files with other users.

  • Create Rooms

    Create your own personal room and password protect it if needed to.

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    Billed per Month
    • 50 Listeners
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 5 GB Auto-Dj Storage
    • Centovacast Panel + SSL enabled Streaming
    • Web DJ application. (stream from your browser, no installation needed)
  • Pro

    Billed per Month
    • 60 Free Images
    • Mobile-Optimized
    • No Transaction Fees
    • Unlimited Projects
    • Custom Domain
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