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To whom it may concern

Im not sure y i need to keep repeating myself Anyone caught posting other members pics will be dealt with.
If youre goin to report someone or ah private message plz include da member name ur reporting,
also include da whole message not just wah dem is sayin. cuz ik its not just a one way convo ik ur also responding
What happens on other sites does not concern us Dont bring dat mess here...........

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RadioChats started as a chat & web radio platform created for DJs and music lovers. Since then many users have sent us positive feedback about the framework & enviornment, that means we're onto something good here so we'll keep on improving it.

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Our award winning services are being used on many popular websites today. The feedback has been great so we decided to keep it going. Naturally we can't please everyone because it's not our objective to fit all styles. Our style is based on quality, speed, and performance.